Moves to Solve the Problem of Frequent Rejection of Internal Purchase

Apple audit keeps to strengthen, person developer bills and app release increasingly more difficult, at the same time as the app is likewise more and more more smooth to take down, those conditions stay a hassle for almost all of Apple builders and ASO practitioners in 2021, and troubles associated with in-app purchases remain rejected with the aid of using Apple.

ASO World as a expert ASO records evaluation and optimization platform, for the Apple insider buy shelf hassle is summarized, streamlined into the subsequent 6 moves.

Choosing the proper Apple in-app buy object

If builders need to liberate get entry to to subscriptions, in-recreation currency, recreation levels, etc. withinside the App, they have to buy app reviews use the in-app buy program. there are 4 principal forms of in-app buy programs, as follows.

In-app Purchase Programs

On the product web page, builders can sell up to twenty in-app purchases immediately and feature them prepared for different authorised in-app purchases on the identical time.

This offers builders the power to alternate the in-app purchases displayed at the product web page primarily based totally on commercial enterprise needs (for example, while the developer intends to release a limited-time promoting or provide distinctive content).

Note that in case your product is issue to everyday renewal, then you definitely want to pick out the subscription kind; however, if it’s miles a one-time buy now no longer to be re-subscribed, then pick out the non-subscription kind.

The package deal of inbound merchandise and APP collectively to post for evaluate
This factor is simple to be ignored, while the inbound merchandise at the cabinets have to be submitted collectively with the App at the package deal for evaluate, can’t be submitted separately.

If you pick to post separately, the insider buy can in no way be shelved successfully.

Do a terrific task of nearby variation of the cabinets of the challenge withinside the region
In the modern-day nation of the home marketplace is more and more more saturated and perfect, the foreign places marketplace has emerge as increasingly more builders of the choice, even though now no longer the principle foreign places marketplace, however additionally the product at the cabinets of different areas, to be able to capture the primary opportunity.

Therefore, while our merchandise aren’t handiest at the cabinets in a single region, however additionally in a couple of areas or maybe a couple of countries, then if there are too many areas at the App cabinets, the corresponding merchandise at the cabinets, which includes the in-app buy gadgets, must additionally do the corresponding localization adaptations.

For example, in case your product is at the cabinets in Russia, France, and the United States, then the language of the in-app buy gadgets to your cabinets must additionally consist of Russian, French, and English.

The App Store evaluate phrases additionally nation that “if we can`t apprehend how the App works, or if the in-app purchases aren’t as clean as they might be, the evaluate might be behind schedule and can bring about the App being rejected.

So, in case your product is to be had in a couple of areas, builders are suggested to localize in-app purchases to keep away from rejection.

Form 4 forms of assertion phrases
User Agreement and Privacy Policy
In the App login web page and product buy web page, there have to be things: consumer settlement and privateness clause.

Continuous month-to-month settlement description and auto-renewal assertion
If you’ve got got automated subscription product kind on your product, you want to consist of the non-stop month-to-month subscription settlement assertion.

Also, consist of an auto-renewal assertion at the App product web page.

Add automated subscription description withinside the app description
After doing the above, in case you are nevertheless concerned approximately the rejection of the acquisition object withinside the App, you may pick to feature the outline of automated subscription withinside the App description, in order that the Apple reviewers can see the state of affairs of the acquisition object withinside the App greater intuitively and clearly.

Do now no longer upload third-celebration fee SDKs for digital merchandise
If you’ve got got organized the above, please observe that in case your in-app buy gadgets are digital merchandise, now no longer which includes bodily merchandise, please do now no longer upload the SDK of third-celebration fee, in any other case it can be detected and rejected.

Tips: Since the product ID of the bought gadgets withinside the App is unique, i.e. you cannot generate the identical ID once more after producing it once, which includes deleting it and the usage of the identical ID.

Therefore, while selecting the product kind and filling withinside the product ID, you want to take note of keep away from filling withinside the incorrect one or deleting it with the aid of using mistake.

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