The new national standard for audio, video, information and communication equipment will be implemented in August 2023

The State Administration for Market Regulation held a special press conference to introduce the newly revised mandatory national standard “Audio-Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology Equipment Part 1: Safety Requirements”.

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Guo Huanxin, a first-level inspector of the Standards and Technology Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, introduced that the new version of the standard is based on the original “Information Technology Equipment Safety Part 1: General Requirements” and “Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment Safety Requirements”. Mandatory national standards, covering equipment such as audio and video, information technology and communication technology, expand the scope of application of the standard. And the new standard takes into account the dangers of electric shock, fire, overheating, sound and light radiation that may occur in the process of using various electronic products, and proposes corresponding protection requirements and test methods, which effectively improves the safety of electronic products.

Guo Huanxin said that for enterprises, the new standard solves the problem of difficulty in defining applicable standards in the past, and improves the operation efficiency of enterprises. For consumers, the new standard supplements and sorts out the new hidden dangers brought by new products such as wireless chargers and Bluetooth headsets to ensure consumer safety. For the country, the new standard is closer to the international standard, which reduces the incompatibility of my country’s electronic equipment to overseas markets, and will effectively enhance the export of my country’s electronic products in the future.

Regarding the product range to which the new standard applies, Liu Xiangang, vice president of the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, said that speakers, TVs, mobile phones, computers, printers, etc. that are common in daily life are all applicable to the standard, and the release of the new standard is a matter for everyone. electronic product safety.

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For example, the new standard requires that wireless chargers must have the function of identifying metal foreign objects and stop energy transmission to foreign objects in time. Prevent the wireless charger from heating up metal objects through energy transmission and causing burns, fires and other hazards. For headphones, the new standard requires that when the volume of the headphones exceeds the specified limit within a certain period of time, it should give a warning and require the user to confirm. If the consumer does not confirm, the headphones should automatically reduce to a safe volume.

It is worth mentioning that the new standard was published on July 19, 2022, and will be officially implemented on August 1, 2023.

IT House learned that the State Administration for Market Regulation released the “China Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement Annual Report (2021)” in June. The report pointed out that the State Administration for Market Regulation will receive 27 cases of concentration of business operators in the semiconductor industry in 2021, 24 cases will be filed, 26 cases will be concluded, and the total transaction amount will be 736.1 billion yuan. And the State Administration for Market Regulation is investigating Samsung, Micron and other companies suspected of abusing their dominant market position.

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